Right person.
Right place.

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Native is more than just ‘executive search’. Native is a promise of finding the place that fits the personality, through the power of informed intuition.

A bit of history

We have been Altor, Vito and VitoAltor. But since our inception in 2007, we have been uncompromising on our promise to be the partner that finds you the places where you will grow, effortlessly.

Native Team

What we believe

Our beliefs help us find someone their home ground, not just the next step in their career. This serves as the bedrock of how we search and what decisions we enable.

Driving impactful change:

We believe that every decision should be taken to amplify skills and create a significant impact. We are here to facilitate transformations that create a thriving ecosystem of growth.

Making it personal:

Native, as the name suggests, is about a connection that goes far beyond transactional. We act and advise to foster a nurturing and trusting relationship.

Keeping it transparent:

We give access to our global network and talent reach at every step. We quantify and measure a wide talent pool to deliver holistic recommendations. We work from a place of total transparency to help you find your home ground.

The Power of Informed Intuition

We have created a science out of the very human art of decision-making. We are wholly plugged into every industry that we place for, which puts us in a unique position of seeing the trends and shifts of it all, simultaneously. We leverage this to help our clients understand not just the current context, but also future possibilities.

At the heart of informed intuition lies data. We back our recommendations with hard metrics, leaving no possibility over-looked. Our clients use these proprietary matrices to which of our recommendations actually fit them best.

We are elbow-deep in the industry that we place for. Because we know its ins and outs, every recommendation is empathic and insightful, which can only happen when we come from a place of true understanding.

This is a finely-honed assessment that stems from accumulated wisdom and incisive people-sensing. This, above others, is what makes our recommendation holistic because it measures the fine balance of personality and skill-set to find the perfect fit.