Saket takes pride in being the numbers guy. After becoming a Chartered Accountant, he joined E&Y, followed by BMR Advisors, Morgan Stanley and eventually, co-founded Native. This rock-solid foundation of 16 years fittingly gives Saket the proficiency needed to find C-level executives for all our financial service clients. He has seen profound shifts in the economy in the past decade and understands what is it that the future leaders need, to stay ahead in these markets.

Saket’s role doesn’t just end with C-level executive search. He also enjoys formulating and implementing new practice builds and business strategies. Some of India’s largest Financial Institutions and Private Equity funds and Sovereign Funds, turn to Saket not just for their hiring needs, but also to aid them in decision making across their human capital and strategic needs.

He likes being native to the world of audio and visuals by discovering new music, playing the guitar and making videos of anything interesting that grabs his attention.


Financial Services