Consumption Story 2.0: Connecting Thoughts – Native Webinar

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The consumption story is in a transition phase. It’s anyone’s guess how consumer behaviour is changing and its impact on demand. Will minimalism kick-in? Will consumers go on a buying spree? How are the traditional & new age setups re-calibrating and embracing change? These are just some of the questions running through our minds.

Executive Access & Native bring together a dynamic panel of Consumer & Retail Leaders that will share insights on how consumption will evolve in the new normal and its effects on-demand in the future. So join us for an engaging tete-a-tete with the industry experts who will try to join the dots.


Native connects people and organizations so that they grow effortlessly. We understand the lay of the land through a unique blend of instinct and data. And we use this to help people and organizations make smart decisions about where and with whom they work. We call this the Power of Informed Intuition. With a reach across 14 industries, our 75+ consultants across our 3 offices – Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore have helped over 2500+ business leaders find companies Native to them.

Executive Access is a leading global search firm. In our rich history of 24 years, we have kept the two most important constituents at the centre of everything we do– our clients and candidates. We thrive on change and innovation. Our search & advisory solutions are powered by our proprietary and world-class research. Our Executive Intelligence proliferates on our state of the art technology platform and is engineered by our research team. Our search process is rigorous and is delivered with speed and precision.

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