Live to Lend Another Day – Native Webinar

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With a big question mark looming around the state of the economy, what do the stalwarts of Wholesale Credit have to say about the business of lending? Do we take the risk now, or do we wait out the storm? Find out this and more in our exclusive webinar “Live to Lend Another day”.

We, Executive Access & Native, bring together a dynamic panel of leaders from leading lending institutions & rating agencies, as they try to answer these questions in this tête-à-tête.

Executive Access is a leading global search firm with a rich history of 25 years and over 2400 successful facilitations. In addition to our team of 60 people across 5 offices in India, we are also one the founding members of Panorama Search, our global network, which gives us unparalleled reach and access to 23 partners across 5 continents and 140 + Consultants worldwide. We are also the pioneers of the concept of “Accountability”, i.e. fee factored basis the performance of the individual placed by us.

Native connects people and organizations so that they grow effortlessly. We understand the lay of the land through a unique blend of instinct and data. And we use this to help people and organizations make smart decisions about where and with whom they work. We call this the Power of Informed Intuition. With a reach across 14 industries, our 75+ consultants across our 3 offices – Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have helped over 2500+ business leaders find companies Native to them.

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