Talent Migrations Report Jan – Dec 2022

April, 2023

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Native presents its January – December edition of Migrations. A comprehensive compilation of Senior Talent Moves across sectors and corporate functions. The year continues to be buoyant on hiring and we estimate an aggressive 2023.

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Consumer Tech – http://bit.ly/40Ve8NU
Pharma & Healthcare – http://bit.ly/40Hm1qG
Consumer – http://bit.ly/3U6xIo8
Infrastructure – http://bit.ly/3ZCuqdC
Asset Management & Private Banking – http://bit.ly/3U4foMw
Consumer Lending & Insurance – http://bit.ly/3Mb9183
Banking & Markets – http://bit.ly/40FInZm
Capital Markets & Private Equity – http://bit.ly/40ZMmQw

CFO & Finance – http://bit.ly/3zwuGA2
Human Resources – http://bit.ly/3m5kg7y
Financial Services – Corporate Functions – https://bit.ly/3U98uph
Corporate Legal & Public Policy – https://bit.ly/3K9dy8t
Technology Offshoring – https://bit.ly/40WbLuj

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