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The increasing cost of regulation, heightened risk and global demands among other complexities have created a testing landscape for the asset management community. The result demands a diverse, multidisciplinary leadership team to come out ahead. Our Asset & Wealth Management teams are flagship practices of the firm. Our well-established candidate-reach, coupled with extensive market intelligence is what makes us the partner-of-choice for our clients. We cater to the complete suite of role requirements across Asset Management and Wealth. 

How we Help our Clients

CEO Asset Management

CXOs including CIO (Equity / Debt), CDO, COO, CFO

Fund Management roles across asset classes and levels

Risk & Products

Institutional and Retail Sales

Operations & Enterprise functions

CEO Wealth Management 

Product & Advisory

Relationship Managers

Sales & Regional Heads

Asset & Wealth Management Natives

Our teams across 3 locations bring together not just sector knowledge but also incisive environment commentary that help you hire talent that is future-ready.

Other Financial Services we are Native to