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Since the past decade, we are experiencing a remarkable inflow of funds and investment opportunities. The rising prices for high-quality assets require leaders with the talent to increase the profitability of portfolios in this competitive market. Our Private Equity practice is the cornerstone of the firm with a multitude of clients like multi-asset managers, large limited partners, sovereign wealth funds family offices, and more. Having established a rich parentage in this domain, our team has unparalleled experience in recruiting talent across levels for various client segments including growth, buyout, venture, special opportunities, distress, real estate and infrastructure funds. Levels of roles we cover include:

How we Help our Clients

Partner, Senior Director

Investment Director, Principal, VP, mid-level positions

Analyst, Associate and all entry level roles

Operating Experts and Portfolio Management

Investor Relations and Fund Raising, Legal, Compliance, HR, Technology

CFO, Financial Controller, Fund Administration

Private Equity & Alternatives Natives

Our teams across 3 locations bring together not just sector knowledge but also incisive environment commentary that help you hire talent that is future-ready.

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