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Today’s complex, fast-moving global markets refuse to sleep. As the economy tries to reach solid grounds, the search for growth in emerging economies requires caution as firms must evaluate which markets are worth targeting. Our Capital Markets team consistently tops the ranking on most notable placements, across client segments. A decade-old practice of the firm, it’s the most well-networked and insightful domain, with strong market access across the candidate pool. We cater to two broad products segments: Investment Banking and Global Equities.

How we Help our Clients

Investment Banking

Sector Origination Bankers

M&A Product Experts

ECM Experts (Execution and Syndication)

Financial Sponsor Experts

Leveraged & Acquisition Financing

Private Financing / Structured Lending

Global Equities


Institutional Research Experts across sectors


Sales and Trading across geographies

Cash and Derivatives

Proprietary Trading, DMA Experts

Algo Experts

Capital Markets Natives

Our teams across 3 locations bring together not just sector knowledge but also incisive environment commentary that help you hire talent that is future-ready.

Other Financial Services we are Native to